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ANAC 21st – 24th July 2007

The Great Britain team flew from Heathrow on Thursday 19th of July. We made a stop at JFK in New York and had to sprint 40 gates to our next flight to LA! When we arrived we explored the hotel (The Marriot in Torrance), ordered tea from room service and went to bed. The hotel was very big as it contained the hall where the competition was held

After a very long sleep, we went down for a nice breakfast and then registered the team into the competition. After that we had a training session booked and a podium session (where we get to try the competition floor). Several of us, including me, had to change bits of our routines as we were finding it hard to spin on the floor – we think it was because it was so well air conditioned, we’re not used to that in the UK. After training hard, we all went and sat by the pool as it was pleasingly hot!

Sophie Lewis

On the Saturday, the seniors competed in the qualifying round. Unfortunately, none of GB’s seniors made it to the final. After watching the competition, we chilled out around the hotel for a while and in the evening we went out for a nice meal.

On Sunday, the 9-11s competed along with the 12-14s (my category) and the 15-17s. In the 9-11s, GB had 2 competitors, 1 boy and 1 girl. They both qualified in 3rd position. I was the only one representing GB in the 12-14s. When it was almost my turn to compete, I was extremely nervous as I had flown all this way and I didn’t want to mess up! I was pleased with my routine and ended up coming 20th out of 60 altogether. I was hoping to come higher up but I had a personal best score so I was happy! A New Zealand girl won my age group; the Chinese and Japanese did very well too. In the 15-17s GB had 2 competitors and they sadly didn’t make the final either but the standard was extremely high in both categories.

On Monday, all trios, pairs and groups competed from all age groups. GB had 1 trio in the 15-17 category. They qualified in 5th position. After they competed the whole team went shopping! We’d been told it was the largest mall in America. Heaven for all us girls except poor Matt – the only boy!

On Tuesday, the finals for all age groups took place. GB ended up with 3 bronze medals. 2 for the 9-11 category and the 15-17 trio pulled up from 5th, winning 3rd place. The coaches were very pleased with all the results of the GB team. We also watched the World Series competition of the Seniors, which was amazing. In the evening we went out to a restaurant to celebrate. We had the coaches’ permission to eat the very fatty, large American portions!

Wednesday was our last day and our only day off. The team went to Disney for the day. We were all very excited. It was scorching hot so we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. The queues increased throughout the day so we got fast pass tickets for some of our favourite rides. We saw some Disney characters too!

We flew home on the Thursday. It was a long, tiring flight and we just wanted to get home. We were delayed at JFK, waiting for our luggage to get on the plane. Unfortunately, the team were spread across the plane and we found ourselves in amongst a group of scouts! Most of us fell asleep anyway though.

We all had a fantastic time in LA and came back with good results. Thanks must go to the coaches who took us all and to my coaches who got me ready for the event.

Sophie Lewis
Heathrow Aerobic Gymnastics Club




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