Competition Report

Welsh Open and Closed Aerobic Championships
September 3rd and 4th 2005

On what must have been one of the hottest weekends of the year, we found ourselves vying for parking spaces with the football crowds in Cardiff – the gymnasts had, not goals, but medals in their sights!

The competition was opened on both days with an energetic 3 minute display by the newly formed Welsh Aerobic Gymnastics Squad, looking smart in their red, white and green Welsh leotards - Sophie Lewis from Heathrow among them.

The NAC competition on Saturday hosted 117 routines for judges and spectators. Eden Rigg and Emily Keane both did very well in their National Development (Under 12) category; Eden just missing out on the medals in 4th place and Emily came 7th out of 30. Both girls maintained the standard they set at the Alex Strachan scoring over 13 and improved their relative positions from the top 20 to the top 10.
Eden Rigg

In the older Group 1 category, Lauren Sargood was again unlucky, just missing out on a medal in 4th place but proved once more, she is one of the best of 27 competitors. Star of the day however, was Sian Hill, competing for the first time in aerobic gymnastics. Sian shared the highest artistic score and had one of the most difficult routines of the whole NAC competition – she not only won the gold medal in this category, but her cracking routine also won her the highest score of the day at 14.45.
Sian Hill
Sunday brought stiffer competition in the FIG. Heathrow had six gymnasts competing in the Group 1(12-14) category. The trios event was first: the favourites from Pinewood were pushed all the way, only beating Heathrow’s Rosie Webster, Vicki Chagger and Sophie Lewis into silver place by 0.3 and Bulmershe into third by 0.05! Jenna Nola, Jessica Tippen and Natalie Green came 4th. The scoring seemed tougher than previously at the Alex Strachan. All the girls will now have to work hard to improve on their positions at the British in three weeks time.
Vicki,Rosie and Sophie

There was barely time to recover their breath, before the girls had to warm up their individual routines. In a very closely fought competition three of the top 10 all scored 17.000: Vicki took 5th place on execution, Sophie dropped to 7th but was pleased with her personal best, which secured her the silver medal in the Welsh closed competition. Natalie, Rosie, Jess and Jenna came 15th, 16th, 17th and 20th respectively - Rosie performed an artistically good routine, but unfortunately made errors in two elements from the same group costing her a hefty deduction.
Vickie Cahgger
In Group 2 (15-17), Heathrow so nearly wiped the board – just 0.125 separated the 1st and 4th placed gymnasts! Both top girls scored 17.8 but Stephanie Fois was edged into 2nd on execution. Team mates Kirsty Banfield and Chelsey Dixon were right behind in 3rd and 4th with 17.7 and 17.675 respectively. Siana Shipley would have been there too but lost a whole mark for an extra element. Jacqui Bamforth came 14th. Rachel Murphy sadly couldn’t finish her routine due to an ankle injury, which also meant the Heathrow trio of Chelsey, Stephanie and Rachel couldn’t compete their popular routine either. It was left to Jacqui, Siana and Kirsty to fly the flag for Heathrow and they came 2nd.

Finally, the senior category: as always, Katie Cannon showed everyone how it should be done! Surpassing her own previous best, she scored 20.275 – the highest score in Britain ever – to take a well earned gold medal.

Code Athlete Age Category Score Position

FIG Katie Cannon Seniors 20.275 1st

FIG Stephanie Fois Group 2 17.800 2nd
Kirsty Banfield Group 2 17.700 3rd
Chelsey Dixon Group 2 17.675 4th
Siana Shipley Group 2 16.700 10th
Jacqui Bamforth Group 2 15.650 14th
Rachel Murphy Group 2 withdrew injured

Jacqui, Siana & Kirsty Group 2-Trio 15.550 2nd
Chelsey, Stephanie & Rachel Group 2-Trio withdrew

FIG Vicki Chagger Group 1 17.000 5th
Sophie Lewis Group 1 17.000 7th
Natalie Green Group 1 15.700 15th
Rosie Webster Group 1 15.650 16th
Jessica Tippen Group 1 15.600 17th
Jenna Nola Group 1 15.050 20th

Sophie, Rosie & Vicki Group 1-Trio 14.000 2nd
Jenna, Jessica & Natalie Group 1-Trio 13.100 4th

NAC Sian Hill Group 1 14.450 1st
Lauren Sargood Group 1 13.750 4th

NAC Eden Rigg Nat-Dev 13.100 4th
Emily Keane Nat-Dev 13.050 7th

Report By Val Lewis


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