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Heathrow Open Club Championhips

  • As a judge I was impressed with the standard and professional attitudes from all the athletes at this competition.
    As it was the end of the domestic competitive season, I expected (wrongly) a lethargic performance from many of the gymnasts as they had already performed to a high standard at The Alex Strachan,The Welsh Open and The British Championships throughout the summer....
    ....Boy was I wrong!!..All the gymnasts attacked the stage with a vigour and hunger that has been missing from many a British Championship and therefore set new standards of which to perform at what was before considered "merely a club competition".
    The Heathrow Open Club Competition has come of age and now rivals the other domestic championships with regards to prestige and a "must" on the competition calender!!
    Brevet Judge Mark Flanagan GBR

  • i do sports aerobics and i think this is the best website i have been on.Keep up the good work!
    liz (uk)

  • Hi, I really like the way your site gives people new to the sport an idea of competition and the degree of difficulty involved in routines, I am from New Zealand and the sport is starting to gain popularity with gymnasts and dancers your site is very informative for beginners like us.
    Helan Anderson (New Zealand)

  • I have just had a look at your new website which Kelly informed me about this week. I must say I am quite impressed with the content, and having particular interest in the sport, I will check the site on a regular basis. Keep up the good work and well done.
    Rick Snape (UK)

  • What a great site - keep it up and good luck in your forthcoming competions
    Andy Burn (UK)

  • Nice page!
    Lasse (Sweden)

  • Just sending you my mail address
    Yours sincerely
    Jane Sannemo (Head Coach, Sports Aerobics, Sweden) jdsa@swipnet.se

  • Gary, Congratulations on your site, some of those pictures bring back memories, Spencer looks so young in the Holland pics - those where the days when he really could Pancake! Keep up the good work!
    Louise (UK)

  • Gary, Many thanks for the long hours and hard work that you and Natalia have put in and for the way that you have encouraged our daughter Christine. Hopefully this years under 12 British Champion.
    Bill Adams (UK)

  • Good job - await updates eagerly!!
    Ros/Charlotte (UK)

  • Good site, I will keep checking it for info, we are very interested in your competition dates, we are investigating possibilities for bringing a squad to Europe for some competitions. Any information can be sent to us at Acrobatixacademy@hotmail.com Thanks
    Glenn Hart (New Zealand)

  • Once again, thank you so much for Charlotte's routine. Third time lucky for her this year, but she deserved it.
    Ros/Charlotte (UK)

  • Hey everyone at Heatrow! I've just looked at the whole site! I think its really good!! Kepp up the good work!! You propably all know Miss Hayter & so do I for my sins!! Shes a brilliant mate & I'm well chuffed shes on your site!! Good luck in further competitions!!
    Laura Ridout (UK)

  • I am Alexandra Barroso, coach of aerobics Gymnastic from Azores, Portugal, and I'm studing the young athlete. I would like to have valors of corporal composition of aerobics athletes because I have to compare them with Portughese gymnastics. If you have some informations, about corporal composition, Psycological tipe in aerobics or physical tests, please send to me.
    Alexandra Barroso (Portugal)


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