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Welcome to our links page -

Here you can find links to a variety of useful sites, from National and International Aerobic Gymnastics and Gymnastics sites, to training information and personal homepages.

British Sites

British Gymnastics
Uk Sport
British Olympics Association
Coach Wise

International Federations

FIG Federation
European Gymnastics Union
Longines (Scoring - results)

Club links


Heathrow Gymnastics Club
Martines Action Pack
Southport Aerobics Gymnastics Club. UK


Aerobic - Turn - Verein Eisenberg Germany


Gimastico Aragon Spain
Valencia Mar Aerobics

National Web Pages

Argentina Aerobics
Australia Fitness Network
Belgium Federation
Brasil Aerobics
Brasil Gymnastics
Chile Gymnastics
Czech Republic Aerobics
Denmark Aerobics
Finland Aerobics
Finland Fitness Academy
France Aerobics
Gymnastics Australia
Germany Aerobics
Germany Gymnastics
Greece Aerobics
Hong Kong Aerobics
Hungary Aerobics
Aerobic Pro League (Hungary)
Italy Fitness
Korea Aerobics
New Zealand Gymnastics
New Zealand Sport Aerobics
Netherlands Aerobics
Russia Aerobics
Singapore Aerobics
South Africa Aerobics
South Africa Gymnastics
Spain Aerobics
Spain Gymnastics
Scandinvia Aerobics
Slovakia Gymnastics
Swedish Sport Aerobics
Switzerland Aerobics
Switzerland Gymnastics
Ukraine Aerobics
USA Gymnastics
Venezuela Aerobics
Yugoslavia Aerobics

Regional Organisations

Christchurch School of Gymnastics
Acrobatix Academy (Auckland: New Zealand)
Aerofitsport (France)
Berlin Sport Aerobic Club
Garrett County Sportaerobic Team (USA)
Gymnastics Saskatchewan (Canada)
MZ Sport (Canada)
Aero Active (Australia)
Svenska Gymnastics
Fitness Centre Factory Pro (Czech Republic)
Aerobik.org (Czech Republic)
Fitness Centre Hanka (Czech Republic)
Sport Centre Liberec (Czech Republic)
The Aerobic Enthusiast (Czech Republic)
Wellington Gymnastic Association (New Zealand)

Related organisations

Aerobic Association of America
Natural Federation

Training Information

Rhythmic Gym Training Page
Drills and Skills
Gymnastics Science
Rudolf Nureyev Foundation (Sports Medicine)
About.Com Cheerleading (Actually some really good stuff)
Dr Rick's Dance Training and Injury Site
Sportballet (Biomechanics)
Brad Appletons Stretching Guide
Cyberfitness (Italian site with good stretching tips)
Fitness Leaders Online
Dance Spirit Magazine
Gym Danny (Hong Kong)
Glasgow Uni Gymnastics Club: Training Tips
Martial Arts Training and Conditioning
Yahoo Club: Learn to be flexible
Yahoo Club: Stretching out
Advanced stretching tips
Stretching Webzine
Elena Zamolodchikova Training Site (Gymnastics)
Critical Dance Webzine
Splits page
Mark's Yoga and Stretching Page
Varsity Dance
Irish Dancing (Good training tips)

Personal Pages

Alexandro Viligiardi Homepage
Admilson Vitorio Homepage
Claudio Franzen Homepage
Gilberto Lopes Homepage
Holzer, Valouch and Strakos Homepage
Kaly Garrido Homepage
Lauren Farry Homepage
Nick Beyeler's Homepage
Olga Sipkova Fitness Club
Tiia Piili Homepage
Tomas Krmicek Homepage
Tuuli Matinsalo's Homepage
Yuriko Ito Homepage


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