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Heathrow Aerobic Gymnastics are pleased to announce.

A second training camp with Morgan Jacquemin, from France, Senior Men's Aerobic Gymnastics World Champion and Juliana Antero, from Brazil, Silver medallist at the 2008 Aerobic Gymnastics World Cup.

Both France and Brazil are leading nations on the World aerobic stage, with very strong traditions and high standards; in Brazil's case coupled with the country's renowned natural rhythmic dance flair. Morgan and Juliana have represented their respective nations on numerous occasions and are their countries' elite aerobic performers, in addition to their amazing achievements at world level.

This is a unique opportunity to work with both Morgan and Juliana, as they share so much of their own personal experience, knowledge and expertise of competing at the highest level.

Our club members will go away filled with enthusiasm and with new ideas to help develop and enhance their own aerobic careers.

The camp will take place 17th - 24th January.

Everyone at Heathrow is looking forward to another brilliant camp.

2010 World Champion Morgan Jaquemin Juliana Antero


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