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Alex Strachan Cup 2011.

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Day 3

Sunday 27th February.

Another fantastic day for Heathrow Aerobic Gymnastics Club.

Christina Fossheim won the Gold Medal in the FIG Senior Individual Women category with a fantastic score of 19.10 There were also Gold Medals for Sian Hill and Sherrick Reid in the FIG Senior Mixed Pair category and a Silver Medal for Sherrick Reid in the FIG Senior Individual Men category.

In the heavily contested FIG Group 2 Individual Women category Isadora Wainwright raised her game producing a well executed and beautiful routine to win the Silver Medal. This was one of the strongest categories of the whole weekend and Lauren King in her first time in this category having just moved up from Group 1 achieved a very creditable score of 17.400 earning her 8th place out of the 15 contestants; in fact only 0.5 separated Lauren in 8th place from the Bronze Medal winning score.

Kay-Lynn Brant and Chloe Byne won the Silver Medal in the FIG Group 1 Pair category after reducing their well prepared FIG Group 1 Trio routine to a pair at the last minute after Molly Bevan had to withdraw with an injury.

Overall it was an outstanding weekend of achievements for everyone from the Club. Well done to all the Gymnasts and the Coaches.

Senior Individual Woman

Gold- Christina Fossheim- Heathrow.
Silver- Ellie Spooner- Bulmershe.
Bronze - Natalie Porter- Suki.

Senior Male Individual.

Gold - Jaime Carter- Bulmershe.
Silver- Sherrick Reid - Heathrow.

Senior Mixed Pair.

Gold- Sherrick Reid, Sian Hill - Heathrow.

Group 2 Individual Woman.

Gold- Kayleigh Silva - Martines Action Pack.
Silver- Isadora Wainwright - Heathrow.
Bronze - Emily Boyce - Bulmershe.

Group 1 Pair

Gold - Abigail Butterfield, Mathew Saunders - Weston.
Silver - Kay Lynn Brant, Chloe Byne -Heathrow.
Bronze - Marvin Gordon, Jasmine Potter - Bulmershe.

Heathrow Sunday's Medallists.

Day 2

Saturday 26th February.

A credible Bronze Medal for Kay Lynn Brant in the very challenging large FIG group 1 category.

Chloe Byne in 9th out of 26.

Well done to all our NAC Group 1 competitors.

Gold- Rebekah Gelpin- Bulmershe.
Silver- Georgia Davies - Martines Action Pack.
Bronze - Kay Lynn - Brant - Heathrow.

Heathrow FIG Group 1 Bronze Medallists

Kay Lynn-Brant.

Day 1

Friday 25th February.

What a fantastic day for Heathrow Aerobic Gymnastics Club .

3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze.

Well done to all our medallists & well done to our coaches.


Gold medal Caitlin Smith - Heathrow, Silver medal - Freya Baldwin - Basingstoke.
Bronze- Katie Hetherington - Heathrow.

NAC National Development.

Gold- Jodie Forster - Heathrow.
Silver- Skye Lau - Bulmershe.
Bronze - Isidora Vucicevic - Weston.

FIG National Development Trio.

Gold Medallists- Umber Sohal, Olivia Gooding, Emily Frost - Heathrow
Silver Medallists - Renee Augier,Kate Donnelly,Shophie Stone -Bulmershe

FIG National Development

Gold - Phoebe Moran - Suki.
Silver - Umber Sohal - Heathrow.
Bronze- Shophie Stone - Bulmershe.

NAC National Development Pair.

Gold - Hannah Bradbury,Lauren Thompson - Bulmershe.
Silver - Jodie Forster, Lucy Notman - Heathrow.

Heathrow`s Medallists.
Heathrow`s Team Friday 25/02/2011.





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