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Heathrow Aerobic Gymnastics.

International Club Championships 2023

Heathrow Aerobics Gymnastics is delighted to announce that the club will    organise and run a 17th Aerobic Gymnastics International Club Championships.


The competition will take place at Bracknell sports centre GBR on the 29th-31st May 2020











Click on the links below for further details & Entry Forms International.

 International Competition Details 

04/05/19 - Heathrow International Results  


25/05/19 - Advanced Discounted ticket Sales  


25/05/19 - Work Plan Click Here


25/05/19 - Running Order/Start List Click Here

25/06/19 Entry List  - Entry list by Club  Click Here  - Entry list by Cat  Click Here 

International Invitation  Age Group 2 and Seniors - Fig Sanctioned,  Click Here   

International Invitation  National Development, Age Group 1 International Click Here


Provisional Entry Form  Click Here (Deadline1st March 2019)  


Nominative Entry Form  Click Here  (Closing Date 1st April 2019)


Visa Application Form   Click Here  (Closing Date 1st April 2019)

Travel Notification Form   Click Here  (Closing Date 1st April 2019)

  UK Clubs



UK Invitation Click Here 

Be Prepared

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